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49 Days Lovers

It’s been a while since we last visited our 49 Days Lovers account. We still love 49 Days as much as we did when we opened this blog, but we felt like it was time to let go of this blog since we made edits of every episode and ran out of ideas. We won’t delete it, it will be here for new people who’ll watch 49 Days.

Good news is, we now have a new blog! It’s called Dream High 2 Lovers, and you guessed it right, it’s about Dream High 2. We love Dream High and are really excited for Dream High 2. So we opened a blog for it.

If you are interested in Dream High 2 too, please check out our new blog. ^^ Have a nice day!

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radiantdawn Asked:

My answer:

Thank yooou! :D We’re really happy that you liked it. :D

secretgardenalltheway-deactivat Asked:
Aw, you even followed me.♥ Thank you! I just finished 49 days yesterday and damn, it was so gooooood!

My answer:

I’m sorry for the really late answer but yes! It was amazing. In the last episode I cried so much that my eyes turned red and my mother was concerned, haha. 

Hello everyone. We are sincerely sorry for not updating the blog for a long time. But we were struggling with our many university entrance exams and we barely had time to breath. But now our exams are over, thankfully, we will be able to update here more often. Thank you for not leaving us when we’re gone. 

We love you! ^-^

secretgardenalltheway-deactivat Asked:
Here's the reason I requested for the gif. :D
Kamsahamnida. ♥

My answer:

No problem at all. And I really liked the tutorial, hehe. I’m happy that I could help. ^-^

tishaaaaaaaa Asked:
I really love your blog. And 49 Days! I'm so glad they have SBS in America ^^ This is without a doubt, the best drama ever. <3

My answer:

Wow, there is SBS in America? We, as Turkish fans, barely get the chance to watch Korean dramas on TV. You’re so lucky! ^^

Anonymous-II, here’s an easier way to view the tutorial. If you have questions, please feel free to ask. ^-^



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